Poverty is what.


Poverty is what.
      Hello Friends my name is Pramod .
    Today we will know some facts about poverty . 
                    Friends of countries in the world today , This is the main Problem how to overcome poverty .
                 By the way , if every country looks , it is only that there in no question 
Of poverty in that country, bou it is completely opposite . Because freinds poverty is a big problem and , is in every country.
Poverty is what ? 

                 Freinds, now we will know why the ghost of poverty dose not go away an 
         But let me tell , you . One thing that the topic we will . Talk about today is not for one country but it is applicable to all the countries of the world . So I request you friends that you will not compare it to any one country.
             And now i m going to tell you my main topic which is . Poverty .
           Friends , you understand what poverty is . 

1,  is that if there is a place in a country where people have a lot of problems of live, eat and drink. And apart from that , they neither have employment nor do they 
Have other options that we can poverty say.

    2,  thing is that the House where there are five eaters and . There is only one to 
Earn , and that too , it takes care of itself and it's family by going small wages. We 
Call such people poor .
3, thing is that if they do not have enough money , they cannot afford the education of the if children nor can they buy good clothes for themselves and their children.
            So my friends overall , poor cannot
Do everything that rich people can do , 
                            So now it was a little talk about poverty and poor , but the poverty that it is it always keeps increasing why no
Country can control it ?  In this article I will
Tell you the answer.
Poverty is what ? 

         So friends now I will tell you that if poverty increase in a country , it's main reason is that there . Employment jobs and
Etc source is is low or new sources do not
           Friends , this is one of the main reasons , second reason is that the government of that country is for people of that country who are living below the poverty line , Free education arranges for
Free ration water , etc, but not all of these 
People get it.
           And friends the main reason for this
Is that there is corruption in all these things. And because of this the poor people do not get all this facility.
                       3, and last reason is that the government of that country claims to help
The poor, but all this happens only on paper , in reality it would cause opposite.
               Friends this is a big problem of Every country that poverty always turnsInto poverty and the growth is shown onlyOn paper .
                     And if there had been a growthOr the poor, lwould not have written a topic
Today , my friends.Today , everyone talks about the their problems, because a lot of people don't have time to talk about this topic.  But freinds there are some facts in
It , there ane what I will tell you . This can Solve the problem of the poor and those who have read it then understand it and think something for the poor.
Poverty is what ? 

     1, is that the government of the country Should be able to .Free sources of education and jobs    employment etc .  Will have to be increased.
        2, is whatever country happens to the Poor, the government of that country willHave to be brought into control . So thatThe poor continue to gat their rights . And this is what I would like to tell My friends in the past , we should not Forget our humanity . Whether it is poor Or very rich . 
                       Hope you like my informationIt you like , then share it to other friendsAnd if there is any suggestions tell you worth me , I will definitely tell you, I will look into that . See you freinds again...


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Jay said…
Nic sir very meaningful blog
Jay said…
Very meaningful blog
Pintu solanki said…
It's great information by all poor people I'm very interested your blog
Vinny Ji said…
It's great information. Nice article....
Vinny Ji said…
It's great information. Nice article....